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How to Save Money

How to save money piggy bank

How to Save Money - Money Saving Tips - Tip Six

Save Money Hints and Tips

Top Ten Money Saving Tips

  • Save Money Tip 6

  • Don't carry excessive debt. Some debt in our lives may be essential. We may need a mortgage or loan to purchase a home, we may need to use our credit card to make purchases until pay-day, but your aim to save money should be to have as little debt as possible. That way you will save money every day by not paying unneccessary interest.

  • Credit Card debt is typically the most expensive debt we may carry. You will be able to save money every month if you make it an absolute rule to pay off your outstanding balance each month. If you can have the discipline to do this you will save money by effectively having no credit card debt, and thus no interest charge on your credit card(s). You will also have the benefit of maintaining and using the credit card but won't be carrying costly debt forward from month to month. This will definitely save you money.

  • How to save money yen dollars pound

  • So, be sure to have a strategy to reduce whatever debt you do have on your credit card(s). Of course, you have to make the monthly payments for the interest and the required minimum payments but every penny above that will reduce your debt so, if you can, make a point of paying back that penny. Reducing your credit card debt is one of the most important ways to save money fast.

  • You should also think about whether you can save money on your credit card insurance. Credit card debt is often unneccessarily protected by high-premium insurance protection - you can save money on this insurance if you are sure you don't need it. Keep in mind though, that rainy day money may be needed if you are ever ill, and unable to work - the credit card insurance may be a boon to you then - it is your call - consider carefully.

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Top Ten Money Saving Tips

How to save money piggy bank

Save Money Tip Six - Reduce your debt and save money.

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Save Money Hints and Tips

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