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How to Save Money

How to save money piggy bank

How to Save Money - Money Saving Tips - Tip Three

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Top Ten Money Saving Tips

  • Save Money Tip 3

  • Bulk Buying. When you are looking for ways to save money on groceries, consider shopping and buying in bulk. You can save money grocery shopping by planning meals in advance and bulk-buying. This is a real way you can save money with little preparation and almost no extra outlay. Often supermarkets and stores will often offer huge discounts for bulk buying, so you should make sure you take advantage of this and save money by buying in bulk whenever you can.

  • When you are shopping and bulk-buying consider purchasing generics and generic products when you can. Prepared foods and convenience foods will always be much more expensive than the generic ingredients needed to make the food. Supermarkets now often offer their own brand of the generic product which can be much, much less expensive than a branded product, with often no difference in quality. Look for the plain wrapped food and ingredients without the gary, global, extravagant branding - why should you be paying for that when you shop, particularly when you are buying essentials? This little way to save money can build up over time to significant savings.

  • Preparing food in bulk and in advance also gives you the opportunity to plan ahead, and save money and be more accurate in your personal budgetting. Cooking in bulk can save you energy too. Always maximise your use of your expensive electricity or gas by adding something to the oven or stove rather than just cooking one item or something small. If you own a freezer, cooking in bulk allows you to freeze small portions for quick re-heating when needed. You can avoid waste in this way AND save money.

  • One thing to be aware of when buying in bulk is to be sure that any product you buy will get used before it goes bad - you won't save money if you have to throw stuff away. This is particularly important when buying fresh produce, that you won't be using for cooking or freezing. Salads for example don't freeze well so only buy enough to eat fresh when you shop.

  • There are other benefits to buying in bulk that might not be immediately obvious. Buying in bulk is not only a good way to save money it is also a good strategy for coping with and surviving emergencies. When there is a shortage in the shops, for whatever reason, you will ride it out if you have your bulk stocks of essential ingredients - just make sure you are not throwing any away that have gone out of date - plan ahead and bulk buy what you will use. Another consideration is to team up with others who would like to save money - the ideal could be a bulk-buying co-operative. It could be as simple as sharing a shopping trip with a neighbour, though. You might find you can both save money if you go half-each on a bulk product.... worth considering.

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Top Ten Money Saving Tips

How to save money piggy bank

Save Money Tip Three - Bulk Buy and save money.

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Save Money Hints and Tips

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