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Save Money Fast

How to save money piggy bank

How To Save Money Fast

Sometimes you just need to save money fast.

This is often when you realise that you have over-stretched your budget - for example you have overdue reminders for utility bills, or perhaps you need to urgently make a payment on a loan, or it could just be that time of month when you need to pay your rent or mortgage - and in every case you realise that you just donít have the money to make that essential payment.

Well, you can get your head above the water fast - you just need to START!

FIRST! - Stop wasting money - donít spend a single penny unless you have to - this is my best and most important money saving tip to help you save money fast - donít spend! and only spend if you must.

Essentially this is a form of prioritising. You will need to spend money of course - but you must, you absolutely MUST, only spend money on essentials - and your essentials are the bills that are worrying you - your mortgage or your rent, your credit card bill, your utility bills.

So, to start to save money fast, think about what you are buying at each and every point - the cup of coffee you buy when you are out - the snack you buy just before you get on the train - the taxi you get instead of walking or getting the bus - the new clothes you buy when you already have a wardrobe full of clothes - it all adds up and means you will have less money to pay your bills and pay those red-letter demands that are worrying you.

Stop spending on ANYTHING you can do without - I am certainly not suggesting that you do without forever - but I am suggesting that you do without for a little while - you need to save money fast - so start now!

Before you know it, your budget will come back into line and you will find that you have enough money to pay the most important bills. Then, and only then can you look at whether you have spare money to spend on those not-so-important things.

So get started right now and save money fast by prioritising your spending, and stop spending your valuable money on things you can do without - for a while!

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How to save money piggy bank

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