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Never Waste Money

How to save money piggy bank

How To Never Waste Money

It can be all too easy to waste money. To fritter it away on non-essential items, to throw it away on machines with flashing lights and exciting sounds, or to waste it buying something you desire but donít really need, OR to pay more for something than you need to.

To make sure you get real value out of your hard-earned and hard-worked for money, here are some ideas to make sure you donít waste your money when you are ready to spend, and hopefully, will encourage you to save money and spend wisely.

Considered Purchases Versus Impulse Purchases

A considered purchase is when you have thought about whether you really need something you are intending to buy, then you research to get the best price or best deal for that item.

Once you are sure you really need something and are committed to purchasing is when you should start to compare prices. Price comparison websites are useful for giving you an idea of what is a fair and competitive online price. You should, of course, check the price of what you are intending to buy both online and offline. You should definitely check the price at Amazon - they often are one of the most competitive places to purchase a huge range of items (not always) so proceed carefully, and in a considered way. I also like to have a look at prices on Ebay - at least you will get an idea of how much your purchase is worth if you decide you donít need it and want to sell! - that can be a real eye-opener.

Your local store, or local supplier may be offering a better price, so donít just rely on the prices you see online. Take the time to check in one or two (or more) real stores - often if you mention that you saw a good price online they will match or better it for you - so make sure to ask. After all, you want to save money not waste money!

So take care and always avoid an impulse purchase - a considered purchase will save you money AND give you greater satisfaction - try it and see!

Instant Gratification

Iím writing about this because it is a temptation to all of us - to just waste money on something immediately exciting but with no real substance. We feel the need to own something RIGHT NOW, and get the urge to spend without thought often when we see something as a lifestyle item. That expensive coffee at the "IN" coffee house - that expensive dress that would look so good - that fantastic red sports car that will be the envy of just EVERYONE.

Be careful. These dreams often bring little or no satisfaction. The pleasure is transitory and the expense can be great. My counsel is not to waste your precious money on such ephemeral things - instead look for good value and look for satisfaction - it is much more important to pay your bills, keep your head above water in this current financial crisis, and save a little for a rainy day.

The Chance to Win

Iím not going to go into details too much here as this is a family oriented site, but you know what I mean when I say games of chance, bright busy machines and timeless, low-lit and window-less environments.

Avoid them if you can - they are there to take money - your money! They would not be there otherwise. No matter what you think there is no way to beat the system, and do you really want your good luck to be at the expense of someone elseís bad luck? That is how it works - for every big winner there has to be many, many losers - losing their rent, losing their food money and losing all their wages in some cases - do you want to win THAT money?

When I think about it like this it helps me to resist the allure of the bright lights, the excitement of the game and the thought of the high life - I hope it works for you!

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How to save money piggy bank

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