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Little Ways To Save Money

How to save money piggy bank

Five Little Ways To Save Money

Sometimes it is the little ways to save money that really count. You can save pennies by just thinking clearly about what you spend. and prioritising your spending. This can make all the difference to your long term financial health.

I gave it some thought, and here are five simple, easily done, little ways to save money. These little ways to save money are easy to remember, easy to do, and will accumulatively make a BIG difference to your overall wealth. So read, think about them, and take action today - have fun and prosper!

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A little way to save money number 1: Walk more.

Thatís it - it is that simple. This is one of my favourite ways to save money on a regular basis and you will get the added benefits of the exercise contributing to your physical health AND doing your bit to reduce carbon emissions.

Whether you have your own private transport, or you use public transport - there are always times when you could choose to walk rather than ride. This will of course save you money, and if you make this a more frequent part of your life - walking rather than riding in a vehicle - then, over time you will make significant savings as well as feeling healthier, more active and being positive about doing your bit for the environment. WIN, WIN, WIN!

A little way to save money number 2: Use Less.

This little way to save money can take a bit of working out but it definitely works. I Ďll give you a few examples; When shampooing your hair do you really need to squirt most of the bottle into your hand or onto your hair? Are you thinking about what you are wasting, and what is literally being washed down the drain? Another home economy example is when you are washing up - did you really need to squirt so much of the washing up liquid into the bowl or sink? Is it all going to good use or is it just being wasted? Another example of these kinds of little ways to think about saving money at home is when you are boiling your kettle for a hot drink - does it really need to be filled up? Arenít you just wasting electricity (and money!) to heat water that you are not going to use?

Thinking about using less of all the resources that you control is a good discipline for saving money in little ways and again, there are other benefits - you will feel you are not wasting precious natural resources, you will also not be contributing to excessive pollution and you will be being frugal with things that other less well off countries are going without! WIN, WIN, WIN!

A little way to save money number 3: Recycle.

By this I donít mean recycling household waste - which of course, is important and we all must do. Iím suggesting we make sure we are getting the most out of the items we already own or have access to.

An example of this little way to save money; you have decided to do some painting.... do you really need to buy an apron or do you have an old item of clothing that you havenít worn for years that could be put to good use? Another example; You need pots for gardening, perhaps to start off some seeds - we all throw away countless pots and cartons every year - could you recycle any of those for your seeds? And another; Perhaps you are going to bag up some rubbish for disposal.... can you use up the carrier bags that you accumalate rather than buy more bags?

I think you will get the idea now. Rather than being quick to buy something we need for a new project, it is always good financial discipline to consider recycling something we already own. This finds a use for something that would otherwise, perhaps, just accumalate as clutter and ALSO is a great way to save money! WOW!

A little way to save money number 4: Start a Penny Pot.

This is really productive way of saving a little spare change, and is a great way to save a little money here and there. Just start a jar, tin or bottle as your penny saving pot - and whenever you have pennies in your pocket or purse just drop them into the pot - you will be amazed how quickly a significant amount will build up in the penny pot over time without you noticing that you have been saving. I suggest that you have a target in mind for the penny pot for when it is full - perhaps use it for holiday expenses or even better, plan to pay it into a savings account - you will notice definitely the difference in your wealth with this little way to save money.

A little way to save money number 5: Bottle Your Own Water.

Never buy water when you are out - it takes just a second to fill a small plastic bottle from the tap. You can keep a couple of bottles chilling down in the fridge ready to go. You can also try filtering the tap water first, though I find this unnecessary, you might want or need to depending on the quality or flavour of your local tap water.

Bottling your own water for during the day or for when travelling can save you more than a little amount of money. You have already paid for both the water from your tap and the bottle you use, so if you refill and use again you are getting your bottled water when you are out for nothing, and saving the money you would have spent! Another big WIN!

Little Ways to Save Money: Conclusion

I hope you have found these five little ways to save money useful - if you only encompass one of these and save just a little money, you will be better off financially, do some good for the environment, and as you can see, be better off in many other ways too! Enjoy!

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How to save money piggy bank

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