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Considered Purchase

How to save money piggy bank

Making Considered Purchases and Resisting Impulse Buys

Making a considered purchase means not rushing to buy expensive items, but rather doing price research to ensure you make a good buy and get yourself good value for money.

You have a lot to think about to make an effective considered purchase. Price of the item is of course important, but so too may be the warranty offered. The reputation of the company you intend to buy from could be important too. If you are buying something that would be expensive to repair in the event of failure than you should look for a supplier with a good after sales reputation who offers a long warranty to back up their goods. This can be particularly important with technology products, for instance. And remember, your aim, even when spending money is to save money!

Online technology forums and money saving sites are a good source of informed comment (sometimes) and financial advice. Look around and read about a company that you are considering buying from. Do they have a good reputation with customers? Are customers who have already purchased what you are considering buying happy? Is the after sales service they supply to customers adequate? Do they honour the extended warranty they promise at point of purchase? Is the quality of the supplied product high? These kind of questions are examples of what you should be asking yourself if you are going to make an effective considered purchase.

Considered purchasing is most important when you are about to spend on a high value item. It is all too easy to rush this kind of purchase when eager to quickly own the item. But just slowing down a little, and doing good pre-buying research, and just resisting the impulse buy, can make a considered purchase a way of saving money over the longer term. High value items like technology products - iPods, notebooks or computers, cars and motorbikes, watches and jewellery are probably where you should hone your considered purchasing skills. But, really, it is up to you. It is your money and you want to get the best value from your spending, so don't rush it, refer to your personal budget and consider well before you buy.

To sum up, a considered purchase is one where you have not rushed into buying an expensive item, but rather you have done your own research to get the best value for money over the longer term. In that way, you have resisted impulse buying and WILL save money.

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How to save money piggy bank

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